Imagine endless runs of fresh powder and a vast terrain of glades and steeps shared with just a small group of other skiers.

With ten snow-covered mountain ranges and ski areas that can be up to 100 times the size of the biggest resorts, it’s no wonder British Columbia is the world’s leading centre for heli-skiing and cat-skiing.

Heli- & Cat- Skiing is for everyone

Forget the crazy stunts you see in the ski movies: heli-skiing and cat-skiing aren’t extreme sports anymore. If you’re a reasonably fit intermediate skier or boarder, comfortable with blue and black diamond runs at resorts, you’re ready for either.

Skiing off-piste is easy thanks to extra-fat powder skis and snowboards (usually supplied by the operator) that make fresh tracks easier to navigate.

heli cat box1

What to expect

For heli-skiing, think long slopes, natural glades, alpine glaciers and plenty of deep dry powder. Plus, the verticals are epic, with descents from peaks as high as 3,400m (11,150ft).
Cat-skiers ride uphill on a snowcat and access exhilarating, lower altitude runs. Cat-skiing is also the more affordable option.

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bc ski resorts with cat-skiing