Heli- & Cat-skiing in BC

This year marks 50 years since British Columbia's peaks, and a few intrepid skiers, brought heli-skiing to life. Exhilarating adventures, from more moderate to extreme, that could only be born in a landscape that challenges you to do more: mountain faces with ski terrain up to 100 times larger than the biggest resorts, vast glades and steeps blanketed with an almost endless supply of deep, delicate virgin powder.

Heli- & Cat- Skiing is for everyone

To experience heli- or cat-skiing, you only need to be comfortable.  Comfortable on your skis or snowboard.

Comfortable on Blue or Black Diamond runs at a resort.  And comfortable with the thrill of leaving the piste behind for those who may not be as comfortable with your sense of adventure.

heli cat box1

What to expect

The term "think big" will be brought to life by what your eyes will tell you.  Heli-skiing will put you atop peaks as high as 3,400m (11,150 ft). It will take you over vast, natural glades, across alpine glaciers, and down almost endless slopes of deep, dry, fresh snow.

When cat-skiing, you'll take on the giants at their feet.  Your snowcat will quickly climb to the start of a breath-taking, grin-inducing descent back to the valley floor.
heli cat box2

bc ski resorts with cat-skiing