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Mush! Channel your inner polar explorer on a husky-powered run across the backcountry. Speeding through a frozen landscape behind a team of racing dogs is one of the most exhilarating ways to enjoy winter. Several BC ski resorts offer a variety of trip options with teams of friendly huskies that love to run.


This is an experience like no other – flying along a snow-crusted trail with only the sounds of the rushing sled and your team of exuberant huskies. Dogsled tours typically last 1 to 3 hours, though longer trips can be arranged.

After a brief orientation you’ll be introduced to the real stars: the dogs. Their excitement is palpable when they sense an impending run, and their barks and howls fill the air as they compete for a spot on the team. Once the dogs are clipped into the harness and you're comfortably seated, your guide will give the command. And you’re off! If conditions are favourable, you may even have a chance to take the driver’s seat and pilot the sled yourself. Be sure to have a camera ready!

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